2010 Mission's Conference

The 2010 Mission’s Conference was excellent this year with what could only be described as a sweet spirit.

The speakers were superb; each in their own way communicated their heart for the Lord and His Church. Each message seemed to be used by God to speak to us on the importance of supporting these global partners. The material needs that they expressed they desired: tires, a laptop, planes tickets, running shoes, a GPS and much, much more was easily met by the generosity of God’s people. The Lord blessed and $2000 extra was given to deposit into a 15-pax van fund, as seed money, for the Divakars, missionaries to Australia. We ate Saturday night until we couldn’t eat another bite at the International Potluck Dinner. Brother Yamazaki blessed our heart night after night with his incredible giftedness to play the flute. Gerald and Mary Branch pierced our hearts with their commitment to the people of Mexico for 25 years of continuous service on the mission field—they are to be honored. Henry Benach challenged us to think about the importance of taking the gospel to lost Jews who are depending upon their good works or lineage to Abraham for their eventual salvation. David Divakar opened the Scripture from Acts 17 and poured through each verse and related it to the Hindu culture of the 21st century. We fell in love with his two sons and wished they didn’t have to leave after only a day at the Academy. From Matthew 6, brother Branch closed the conference with a challenge to seek God first in every aspect of our lives. The days flew by and before we wanted it to end, it was over.

And, Steve Rahn visited twice via a video upload to share his heart about starting a church in Brockton, MA.

Thank you for your positive emails to me—now let me encourage you to leave a comment here for all to see on how God spoke to you during the conference.

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  1. pastor Sean,
    I am sad I was unable to be there for the mission's conference,but reading the blog caused me to stop and think about God's sovereinty in his plan of Redemption. I am thankful for my church family and the love you show me as i grew up in teaching of the word for doctrine, discipline and instruction in righteousness. I thank God for the vision He has given you and the brothers and sisters in Christ in Fayetteville NC, to impact the community and anyone else God brings into our lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ! Its awesom to check out what's going on five hundred miles away and know that thieir are fellow believers being sanctified and serving God to Glorify Him!