Dunk'in Booth at the Fall Festival

As I prepare for another hour at the dunking tank, at Fall Festival, I can’t help but to wonder if the desire to dunk someone is further proof of the need for redemption from a sin nature.

Why is it, that, someone would desire to throw a ball at a target, which causes a lever to drop someone into the water—in a way, that isn’t refreshing?

Yet amazingly people will spend money for such an event. They will line up. Why is that? Can anyone help explain this from a theological perspective? Or is this just fun? I guess it depends on whether you are on the seat or on the ground throwing and if the weather is warm and the water is warmer or not. Today it appears God has been gracious to me with the sun that is occasionally shining down on our parking lot and perhaps even into the water…And someone suggested that this is fun…

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