2009-2010 Get Acquainted Days (GAD)

To everyone who prayed that God would do a work at Camp Anchorage during our Get Acquainted Days (GAD) THANK YOU.

May God the Holy Spirit be praised for His incredible work in the hearts of the students.I was overwhelmed and encouraged by the faith I saw.

I was thrilled to near tears as I saw future church leaders confess sin and ask for forgiveness in a public forum. They did what every few adults are willing to do or ever do. The details are not important but God set the conditions for a much better year through our GAD through the obedience of some very mature teenagers.

I was more assured than ever that there is a remnant of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ in our school and church youth group.

It was amazing to see the bonding and relationship building and growing stronger. Join me in praying that God will continue to work in the school.

I now have a much better appreciation of how God can work in our mature young people.

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