2009 Men's Conference

Well our first regional Baptist Men’s Conference is over and what an incredible three days it was—it seems as though the time just flew by as we moved from Thursday to Saturday at noon. It was awesome to meet so many different men of God who love Jesus and are committed to truth. The fundamentals—the essentials—of the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, were emphasized in so many different ways and from so many different aspects.

On Friday night Retired Pastor Randy White stood in the pulpit and began with, “I am a fundamentalist and by fundamentalist I mean…” and then he went into a two minute description of those things Baptist fundamentalists hold to be dear. He spoke of the virgin birth, Christ’s vicarious atonement, His death, burial and resurrection and on and on. He emphasized his belief in a six day literal creation and a 6000 year old planet.

The music, in my opinion, was very, very balanced and pleasing to the Lord. Hundreds of men singing “Victory in Jesus” is a special thing.

Men won prizes every night that surely made their trip to the conference a bit extra special—especially if you won a GPS, IPod, or 12 gauge shotgun. Many great books were given out every night.

Fifteen different breakout sessions were available for the choosing from pastors who spent weeks preparing their lessons. I heard nothing but great comments about lesson after lesson.

Men drove down from Central Baptist in Dunn and up from Parkton and over from Eastover and Steadman and West Fayetteville and Linden and Hope Mills.

Larry Grays from Atlanta, GA closed the meeting out with a tremendous message on the Second Coming of Christ. He packed 70 minutes of preaching into 40 minutes with a passion that comes from the Holy Spirit and a conviction that what a man is preaching is TRUE. One man in attendance described Larry as “gifted” which is a true description. Army Chaplains taught and participated.

I believe with all my heart, with every fiber of my being, with every bit of knowledge I have of John 17 that God was glorified in a most definite and distinct manner in the unity that was displayed and practiced by disciples of Christ who call themselves Baptists.

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  1. I agree in every way, and am thankful that I was able to participate. I can't wait for next year!

  2. It was great to have so many pastors coming together to lift up Jesus in this joint adventure. Berean and the staff were great hosts. Thank you to everyone who helped and came. Let's continue to become better "Street Theologians."