Children's Choir Director

In this week’s bulletin note, I am announcing our need for a children’s choir director. Our children from age four through 6th grade should be singing and learning wonderful, biblical, Christ-exalting songs on a weekly basis. We need a lady who can sing and knows music and LOVES children to lead this effort on a consistent basis.

Our Power Hour (children’s church) is a great time to practice with many of our children; the Sunday evening worship time is another great time to practice with the ones who don’t go to Power Hour.

Sunday school and the morning worship time is also a good time to practice with the four and five year olds.

Easter will be here very soon, and it’s time to begin preparing for this celebration of Christ’s Resurrection.

This will be a very part-time staff position with a small compensation package to help offset the extra time weekly that someone would put into preparing for Sundays.

I am asking for a one year commitment; candidates must be members of BBC and willing to adhere to the standards for employees in the church constitution and further clarified in an employee expectations statement. The children’s choir director will answer directly to the children’s ministry director and work with BBA’s music director for help, support and mentorship.

If you are interested in applying for this staff position, please call the church or send Mrs. Pidkaminy an email. Her email addresses is We will begin interviewing for the position after the New Year.

My goal is to hear from our children’s choirs about every eight weeks with special songs on Sunday mornings and then with mini-concerts and such for Easter and Christmas.

I hope God will provide an awesome person who can pull the very best out of our children as they hide God’s Word in their heart in song and glorify His most Holy Name.

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