The Gospel Test

Join the BBA sophomores and see how well you know the the gospel. Every Christian should be able to tell someone of the good news that radically changed their lives.

The (1) _______________________ according to Jesus is the Good News that the Son of (2) _______________ and second person of the (3) ________________ left the glories of (4)_______________________ and was born of the (5)________________ Mary. As God (6) i_____________________, Jesus of (7) ____________________________________ was tempted to (8) ______________, yet He lived a sinless life, was crucified, (9) ________________ and rose again. (10) ________________ did this so that those who, by the (11) g_________________ of God, repent and (12)___________________ in the Truth can have their sins (13) ____________________________, have their condemnation removed, be (14) s___________________________ from the (15) w_____________________ of God, have their relationship with the God of the Universe restored, receive (16) e_________________________ life, and be born-(17)____________________ as sons or daughters of God.

(18) What does it mean to repent?

(19) What does it mean to believe?

(20) What is sin?

What are thoughts? Was this too easy of a test for these sharp 10th graders?

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  1. I think I was able to fill in most of the blanks......but i sure need to stay in the Word to be sharp. I sure miss those Bible classes in high school. They were good times and growing times!