What an Awesome Sunday

Sunday at Berean was awesome; it was awesome for several reasons for many different people. Let me tell you why it was awesome for me.

God answered my very specific prayers and I want to praise and thank Him for doing that. I have been praying and do pray that God will direct people to our church via the Internet and simply by driving by.

Sunday God did that in a BIG way—we had visitors everywhere. We had local couples looking for a solid church.

We had new to Fayetteville families looking for a church; we had single adults.

God chose in His Sovereignty to answer the prayers of one, striving to get it right preacher, in the sand hills of NC. Several of the v-cards indicated that it was the Internet—our website that brought them to Berean.

That is to say God used www.bbcfnc.org to direct them to Berean. Others said they drove by and chose to visit.

Yes they chose to visit and God chose to use the signage, campus and "that still small voice" to direct them.

I hope every member of Berean rejoices in God's good blessing of guests and visitors in the same way the preacher does.

These people are men and women created in the image of God—they are sheep; some are potential sheep.

Some need the Lord and all need a good fundamental Bible believing LOVING church, where Christ is exalted and God is glorified. We must show them that love!

Please reach out, please leave your comfort-zone and do what Jesus would do if He were a member of Berean—can't you see Him greeting people, smiling, shaking hands, befriending others and going out of His way to make some feel comfortable in this big intimidating place called BBC.

This Sunday and every Sunday please do what Jesus would do with respect to visitors and guests.



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