Why Abram and Not Fred?

Have you ever thought about why God chose Abraham? What are your thoughts? Do we have any revelation from the Bible as to why? In Genesis 12, God speaks to Abram and gives him some very specific guidance. Abram did not grow up in a Christian home. According to Joshua 24.2, Abram grew up in a home where idols were worshipped.

Yet Abram obeyed God's Word when he heard from God. Consider how many men would have been alive on the earth when God chose Abram and decided to establish a covenant with him and not anyone else.

God didn't give five men a chance to compete to be the father of nations. No—God chose. God spoke to Abram and Abram responded in faith. What a great picture of God's plan of salvation. God speaks and I must obey.

Do we have any right to question why God chose Abram and not someone else? Was God unjust in not choosing many men and letting them compete for His divine favor—no. In a plan like that—God is not glorified—man is glorified.

God must be glorified in all things for He is the only One in the Universe worthy of glory. Any plan, theology, understanding, action, belief system, decision, etc. that does not seek to glorify God is sin. Don't you think?

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