Covenant II

What does a church do that has a covenant and is ignoring it? I am looking for some insight from Spirit-filled wise men and women. Send me an email.

There are several courses of action:

1. Ignore the covenant and continue to act like it isn't there.

2. Go with the current covenant and begin presenting it and using it.

3. Revise the present covenant such that it doesn't have unique and individual statements that address gray areas of Christianity. Develop a covenant that any fully devoted follower of Christ would be happy to say is their own. (For example, some would say it is a sin to drink a glass of wine. Others would say," no it is a sin to be drunk." What should a church covenant address? I would say "drunkedness." I would think there would be a little doubt over whether getting drunk is a sin; therefore, asking members to commit to refraining from being drunk is a reasonable request. Certainly, the liberty in Christ does not permit that kind of freedom.

4. Vote to eliminate the covenant and go with the Bible only.

According to our church constitution it is every member's duty do follow the covenant: See the below paragraphs from the constitution:

2. DUTIES OF A MEMBER: On becoming a member of BBC, in addition to the Church Covenant, each one further covenants to love, honor, and esteem the Pastors, to pray for them and to recognize their authority in the spiritual affairs of the church;2 to cherish a brotherly love for all members of the Church; to support the Church in prayer, tithes, offerings and with other financial support as the Lord enables; and, in accordance with Biblical commands, to support through a life-style affirming the beliefs and practices of the Church.

(A) As necessary, the Pastor shall form a Disciplinary Committee consisting of himself and the Board of Deacons. These men shall have sole authority in determining heretical deviations from the Statement of Faith and violations of the Church Covenant. If the Pastor or a deacon is the subject of a disciplinary matter, he shall not be a member of the Discipline Committee.

And I have already posted the current covenant that we present in our constitution as the current covenant, what would you change?

Anything? Nothing?

This is a matter for the church to decide. It is a church covenant. We are a congregationally governed body. Every member gets a vote on critical matters.

My intent is NOT to railroad anything forward—I want to hear from you.

I don't believe for me that "IGNORE" is an option and I am wondering what a DELAYING action will do; certainly, I want to have lots of time to pray and consider that matter—months. I am not in a hurry.

The pastoral staff is going to develop a covenant for the shepherds of the congregation and when that is finished I will post it for your review. Certainly leaders should be held to a higher standard.

Let your voice be heard and your thoughts and input recognized; send me a note.

My primary purpose in sending you this note is to ensure you recognize I am not coming up with this stuff it is already in our constitution. The church has already approved it.

I am just trying to determine how it is supposed to be followed.

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