Me a Money Changer--That's the Accusation

On Tuesday, May 01, 2007 I received a letter from a visitor who stated that I “seem to be following the “money changers” with your open Market of selling CDs and Tee Shirts, etc.”

Considering the fact that Jesus put a whip to the back of the money changers, to call someone a money changer is certainly a very strong thing to say. Therefore, it seems appropriate that I respond to such an accusation. In the event that anyone else is thinking the same thing I chose to address the issue on my blog.

In the gospels, the money changers profited personally from the sale of sacrifices and the exchange of currency. Neither I nor the church profit from anything we sell. The DVD/CD ministry either breaks even or runs a slight deficient each week. I can’t imagine our Lord and Savior confronting me about the recording of our services so that those who can’t be present get an opportunity to be present via the DVDs. The soldiers who are deployed, the shuts-ins who can’t be present, the bus workers who miss each week, the nursery workers who care for those precious to our Lord, and the out of town truck drivers would also simply have to miss out. My Lord Jesus knows that the church is not profiting from the sale of the DVDs. Each camera costs 1000s of dollars. The DVD/CDs must be purchased. The recording machines are not donated. It all takes money and the sale of the DVD/CDs simply helps recoup some of the cost so that the tithe and offerings of God’s people can be used for other areas of ministry.

With regard to tee shirts: Again the cost is simply enough to pay for the clothing and shipping. People have to wear clothing in order to be modest. I am providing them with clothing that helps proclaim the message of Christ. Our society knows that Baptist churches believe in the Bible and the God of the Bible has a Son whose name is Jesus Christ. When a person wears a Berean Baptist Church shirt, ball cap or drinks from a mug that has our name and logo, the cross and the One who died on that cross is proclaimed. Essentially the clothing helps with one’s life witness.

Eventually, we hope to be able to provide even more choices for godly music, edifying books, Bible study tools and clothing that is modest and promotes His Church. At all times, we will keep the cost such that only the expenses are covered. And we will ensure that the sale of these items never interferes with the worship of our God. Prior to Christ’s death, a Jew needed to buy a mammal from someone to sacrifice and keep the law. After His death and resurrection, Christians no longer need to buy something at the temple to worship. No one is compelled to purchase anything and there is no one pocketing the profits so we certainly have not turned His House into a den of thieves. Nor will we ever!


  1. Sometimes, when we have too much free time, we nitpick at others. Or when we aren't dealing with our own "stuff" it is easy to look elsewhere to point out someone else's flaws. I'm guessing your accusers are feeling a bit of pressure themselves from the Lord, a bit of conviction. Consequently, they are busy spending their time pointing the finger elsewhere to avoid dealing with their issues.

  2. As a person who is on the road all the time, I really appreciate having the DVD or CD to take with me. I always tell my coworkers that I take my church with me wherever I go. Now that I get the DVD, I hope to be able to share a church service with my upsaved coworkers. This could very well be the vehicle to lead someone to the Lord. What do you think that's worth in cost? To me, it's priceless!