Easter 2007 at Berean

Easter 2007 was an incredible Sunday for Berean. We hosted two morning services and will definitely do it again next year. The combined attendance between both services exceeded the seating capacity of the auditorium. The choir and orchestra did an awesome job leading the congregation in worship of the Lion of Judah. We began the service with a responsive reading from Revelation chapter 5 which set the tone for the entire service. Then each song reminded us that Christ our Lord is Risen indeed and now reigns as the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God. The soloists are gifted singers and I delighted in hearing them worship the Lord with their voices. Deaf interpretation was provided during the music reminding us of how much we take our hearing for granted.

Before and in between each service, members and visitors intermingled over coffee and snacks. The hospitality tables were marvelously decorated, adding an excellent touch in the narthex. I surely believe each visitor (and there were plenty) felt the welcome of members who love Jesus and love people. The parking detail did a good job ensuring that there was plenty of a parking available by utilizing the two school parking lots.

The nurseries, pre-school and Power Hour child care responsibilities were shared between adults and teenagers in both services. This allowed as many as possible to enjoy a worship service and serve. To everyone who provided our children great care, led them in worship and Bible instruction—thank you!

Special commemorative mugs with goodies were given to all our visitors. Members who served will receive the same mug as a small thanks for serving on Easter. The mugs celebrated our 40th anniversary and the “Reality of the Resurrection.”

Several visitors inquired about church membership and I informed them about 1st C.L.A.S.S. as a membership prerequisite; so I am sure we will see families joining our family over the next several months.

Next year Easter falls on March 23rd. I believe with the combined effort of God’s people next year can be even more God honoring and glorying—don’t you? The pastoral staff will be compiling thoughts for next year. If you have any thoughts please send me a note. I so appreciate your patience and maturity on Friday night as we worked through the bugs of an enhanced worship service—I trust you saw a difference on Sunday morning.

DVDs and CDs are available for those who missed the service and sermon because of the bus ministry or other reasons and, of course, we will be mailing our typical 100 or so out to the soldiers, air men and sailors serving overseas. As always if you know someone who would enjoy getting a copy of our DVDs each week please let us know at 910.868.5156.

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  1. Easter 2007 was awesome. I felt great serving as a greeter. The spirit of God was alive on that morning. I truly feel that the church congregation did a wonderful job of working together in making everyone feel welcomed. The message of the gospel was well delivered by Pastor Sean. We are working toward the Vision.