Sunday at Berean

Sunday was a great day at Berean. God really showed up in a big way and we praise Him for His awesomeness! Of course God is always there in our midst, but sometimes it seems as though He dumps the honey bucket of Spirit-filled presence and we praise Him for His Glory.

If you were not able to be present for either of the services DVDs/CDs are available. If you don’t come to Berean call the church at 910.868.5156 to obtain copies of the services.

In the morning message, I dealt with the issues and implications of the “Lost Tomb of Jesus.” I will post more about this in the future. Needless to say I am very disappointed in the way the theologians and scholars are failing to adequately communicate the consequences of denying a bodily resurrection.

To say that the bones of Jesus can be on this earth and Christianity is still a valid religion and a reason to live is a complete misrepresentation of the Scripture and all that the Apostles taught.

The Bible is very clear flesh of Jesus did not see corruption and Jesus clearly declared He was not a spirit. I praise God that He raised the body, soul and spirit of Christ from the grave. Study the resurrection and you will see the entire Godhead was involved in the resurrection. Nothing of Christ’s human body remained on this earth; when Christ ascended the Son of Man ascended emphasizing His humanity as well as Deity.

It has been great being on vacation this week. Happy Birthday Steve! I praise God for your ministry to our youth—they are Berean’s future.

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